Glossary of Terms

Someone willing to share their special knowledge, expertise and experience of putting human rights into practice in healthcare settings with others.
A Human Rights Based Approach
Putting human rights at the heart of all you do.
British Institute of Human Rights
A national charity working to bring human rights to life.
Case Studies
Examples of how some NHS Trusts have used human rights to change and improve services.
Department of Health
The Government Department responsible for health services in England which has provided some funding for the Human Rights in Healthcare Programme.
Stands for Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy which are the principles which underpin the Human Rights Act.
Good Practice
Examples of how using human rights can improve health services.
Human Rights
Human rights belong to everyone. They are the basic rights we all have whoever we are, wherever we live, whatever we do.
Human Rights Act
The law that applies in the UK.
Human Rights in Healthcare Programme
A range of activities  to help healthcare organisations be more aware of their responsibilities to protect and respect peoples’ human rights and help them put human rights at the heart of all they do.
Human Rights in Healthcare Network
People interested in putting human rights into practice in healthcare who have joined the Human Rights in Healthcare mailing list.
Mersey Care NHS Trust
Mersey Care NHS Trust is based in Liverpool and provides specialist mental health and learning disability services.
Practical Tools
A range of ways of helping you put a human rights based approach into practice.
Things which can help you learn about human rights such as publications, events and organisations.